Artem Dzyuba as One of the Talented Players of Russia for EURO 2016


Artem Dzyuba as One of the Talented Players of Russia for EURO 2016

Talking about our something which we like as like our hobby will result the no end discussion. Of course, all of you are getting on fire when talking about anything that you like, for example the football lovers who talk about football and anything regarding to it. In this early of the year of 2016, of course the hot topic among the football lovers is about EURO 2916. Of course, the only reason is about the event which is going to be held this year, particularly in the middle of this year from 10 June to 10 July. The location where this great football event is going to be held is in France. For people or football lovers who are at around there will be much more excited on waiting for this event since they can enjoy the ambiance directly and even show the tournaments directly even though it means they have to also hunt the tickets earlier in order to make sure getting it. sport betting sites The opening of this event will also be that exciting. However, no matter where you are as long as you are interested in this event you will enjoy that. We also can enjoy it by getting the complete information about the event including about the preparation which is also that exciting. Surely, the teams which have been stated as the qualified ones to be the in the EURO ’16 final tournament of group stage in the early of June in France are preparing well for the tournament or matches.

As we have mentioned before, there are about 24 teams that will play in France for the event of EURO 2016. For the final tournament of group stage, they are divided to play into six groups. One of the teams who are already in group stage is Russia which is listed as the member of Group B which is the same as Wales, Slovakia, and England. Each of those teams also have some great players that have been well selected as like Artem Dzyuba who will play as a forward player for Russia in EURO ’16. He is one of the great top scorers. For the qualifying phase of this event, he was successfully gaining eight goals from eight appearances there. He also was also recorded reaching two assists. That becomes the great proof that Russia does not make a wrong decision for choosing him as one of the players.

Dzyuba has a great skill on producing goals and it has been shown properly when he was playing with his team, Zenit. That becomes the reason why he is selected to play as the squad of Russia for EUFA EURO ’16. Even though he is still young, 27 years, he has shown his talent really well and make a lot of people are getting so impressed about his talent and skill on football. Of course, to see the performance of this Russia forward we have to be patient and wait for less than six months till the event is getting started. It will be completely that exciting.

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