Austria Reluctantly Becomes the Mediocre Participant in Euro 2016



             24 teams have been confirmed to play for the final round of UEFA Euro 2016 that will be conducted in France this summer. In every competition, it is quite normal if there are teams which are favoured by fans to be the winner. There are also teams which are looked down by the majority of people but bring surprise in the end. This is also what happens to Austria team. This team actually did not receive big attention from football lovers in the qualification round but suddenly gave surprising result by joining other big teams to qualify for the final round of Euro 2016 in France. Even though this team is less concerned by public, their great performance in qualification matches should not be underestimated. They have been qualified into final round with good record likes Italy squad without facing any lost. From 9 matches, Austria got 8 wins and 1 draw. The last achievement of Austria in UEFA Euro competition was when they reached group stage in 2008.

Austria qualifying into the final round in France this year is such an surprising result since during the history of their participation in Euro Cup, this is the second time they got qualified into final round. The euphoria of Austria players was shown in their last qualification match when they faced Sweden. They got big win in that match that was held in Friends Arena, Solna by beating Sweden with the score 4-1. The ex-international Swiss midfielder who also happens to be the coach of Austria squad, Marcell Koller was successfully led his team to obtain one position in final round after their first performance in the same round in 2008 when they got qualified as the home of the tournament together with Swiss.

The win of Austria on their last qualification match placed this team in the first position in group G with total points 22. This great result ensured them to play in the final round in France. Julian Baumgartlinger emphasized that they don’t want to be usual participation in the competition this year. The great result in the qualification group matches could be used as the beginning step to prove them as one of great squads that need to be considered in final round. They have great quality of team as well as modern tactic that complicates their rivals. Each player achieves good improvement every week. Austria also owns many great players which play for well-known clubs. One of their great players that continue to strengthen this squad for the final round is David Alaba. He who also plays for Bayern Munchen club contributed to the big win of Austria squad in the qualification. Became one of the youngest player that joined Austria team, he showed good performance in the last qualification by scoring goal in the in the ninth minutes from penalty point. His great skill and good works with his teammates during the match become one of the powers of Austria squad has high opportunity to create more surprising result in the final round.

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