Candy Crush Tips and Tricks


Candy crush will be the hot discussion for today. Although this game is not too popular today, there are still some people who just knew it. This kind of game seems easier than other games you will find on facebook. But, actually it is difficult enough to crush the candies.

In the beginning part of game, you will feel easier to play it. Well, when you take higher levels, you will feel crazy enough. Those higher levels are really difficult to play. That’s why you will need some tricks to play them.

Do you want to know some tricks for playing this game? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about them. Let’s find out your best reference here!

Creating Combo

First of all, you can prepare the tactics by creating combo. Having combo will make you able to save move part and win the game. You have to create combo from 5 similar candies in a line or track. It will help you to crush many boards.

Besides that, you can also combine one combo and other types. For example, you can combine jelly fish, lined candy, packed candy, and rainbow sprinkles. It will give amazing result to crush bigger board on your monitor. So, you will be able to save move part.

Sweeping Bottom Candies

The next trick for you is to sweep candies on bottom position. You have to crush them all firstly. It will really influence other moves of above candies. You will also get surprised combo, right? This trick will be better for you than sweeping above candies.

Making Combination between Lined Candies and Packed Candies

Now, you are going to combine lined and packed candies on a line. It will help you to create big blast on the right and left- above and below candies. It will help you to earn point as soon as possible. Well, this part will be cool trick for you. You can try this one at home.

Keep it vertically

Well, now you have to keep those candies on vertical line. This tip is really perfect for you who have passed ingredients level. This tip will help you decrease ingredients drastically. So, you can reach the higher level early.

Save your lollipop

Now, you have to save more your lollipop. You have to avoid using lollipop too much. You can use it only on the highest level like on level 30. For your information, this lollipop only can be uses by using two methods. You can get it by spinning the wheel and using real money. So, you have to save it as well in order to face highest level.

Ignoring some helpers or directions

While playing this game usually you will get direction by indicated candies. This indicator can be read by its light. You have to focus on your own strategy. You can learn more and more for having highest scores and be the true winner. Finally, those are all some reviews of how to win candy crush.

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