Eder, the New Strength of Gli Azzurri in Euro 2016


Italy becomes one of the groups which have ensured themselves to play in final round of Euro 2016 in France. This squad seemed not face difficult time in qualification round since they successfully passed that round smoothly. Among nine matches, they could get record by earning six wins and three draws. Italy’s good performance in qualification round actually cannot be separated from the role of Antonie Conte who happens to be the main coach of Gli Azzurri. He was really accurate to choose the great players in order to strengthen the team. There were many players with amazing performance that he used in qualification round. One of them was Eder Citadin Martins which now is playing for Sampdoria football club. Due to his exhilarating performance in qualification matches which also contributed in securing Italy position for the final round of Euro 2016, Conte has confirmed him to join Italy squad to play in France this year.

Sampdoria frontman which is widely known to be called as Eder played really well in the qualification of Euro 2016 last year especially when Italy face Azerbaijan. With the present of Eder in the team, he contributed to the win of Italy with the score 3-1. He opened the goal in 11 minutes after showed great collaboration with his teammates, Stephan El Sharaawy and Dimitrij Nazarov. In this match particularly, he did not only show great performance as a goal scorer but also how he could play collectively with the team. He also played important role in second goal making. His thrilling work with Candreva was perfectly finished by El Shaarawy that shooting in into the vacant net. Eder almost doubled the amount goal he on that match after his shooting passed some Azerbaijan players but could not pass the defence of Azerbaijan goalkeeper.

Compared with other Italy players, Eder who is now in his 29 years is not really popular. Besides, he is not originally from Italy or also known as Oriundi. Hence, he is considered as one of Italy’s naturalisation players. This status actually does not affect his performance to play in Gli Azzurri. Instead his great performance has stolen the heart of Italy squad’s coach, Antonie Conte. He who now also places the position of striker in Sampdoria club is often chosen by Conte as the main option to be collaborated with Graziano Pelle in numerous matches. The participation of Eder in Italy squad most likely will create surprise in Euro Cup 2016 that will be conducted in France. Conte included Eder in his team to play for the final round for a reason. If we are looking from the tactics, formation, and the condition of the team, choosing to play Eder becomes the perfect option that Conte can make. It is since Giuseppe Rossi has not yet in his optimal level. Meanwhile, Mario Balotelli also still in the middle of recovery of Hernia injury. That’s why, in the end, it becomes great opportunity for the Eder to prove that Conte’ choice to use him is a perfect option.

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