Farmville 2: How to Make Spinning Wheel


Farmville 2: How to Make Spinning Wheel

Farmville 2 is one of popular games on Facebook you can play today. This kind of game will offer you the farm and ask you to manage it well. e-games slot There will be some tasks you have to do in order to create versatile farm as best as you can. Besides that, you have to also create some farm equipments in order to run your farm.

Well, there is a new project of Farmville 2 on facebook, named Spinning Wheel. This new equipment will be available when you have reached level 8. There are many benefits you can get from this spinning wheel. So, do you want to know about them? If you want to know about them, keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about it for you.

Spinning Wheel Uses

There are some uses you can get from this farm equipment. First of all, you will be able to create Spun Yarn. This tool is made from spinning wool. Well, spinning wool itself is created by adult sheep and rabbit. Well, you can learn about this equipment system if you have reached level 8.

So, how to create spinning wheel? It will be difficult project for you. For building this equipment, you have to prepare some tools and steps. What are those tools? They are 11 baskets, 11 empty spindles, and 11 wood planks. You can get them all by posting your requests to other friends.

Well, you can continue your projects after asking step requests to 4 friends of yours. They will help you to build it and make it operated well. For your information, this farm equipment will work like Yogurt Creamery and Hen House. In other hand, you have to get adult sheep and rabbit to make it operated.

How about priced animals? They are other animals that can be sold with higher prices. But, you have to also underline that these animals cannot be used for your spinning wheels. You still need adult animals to run this equipment.

How to Get Adult Animals

Talking about spinning wheel and adult animals, here are some tips for you to care your animals at farm. Well, for having adult animal, you can feed them well. When they get adult ages, you will automatically get spinning wool. This new item will be the new collection in your farm. When you get them full, you will be able to have spun yarn.

For your information, you can get 12 fine yarns to be collected from this spun yarn. If you are able to collect them all, you can get a reward. What is it? Well, you will get free Manx Loaghtan sheep. This kind of sheep will give you bigger benefits in the future.

Last, you have to know that there is no deadline you will take. So, you can firstly focus on your rabbit and sheep feeding. As a result, you can get them on adult age early. Finally, those are all some tips for playing Farmville 2.

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