Hand Signals in Beach Volley Ball


Beach and sport, that can be perfect combination for people who love water and enjoy getting sweat in an exciting game. Beach volley ball is an interesting game to play. Although this sport is only played by two teams that consist of two persons, but this is truly unique thrilling game. Players may use hand signals behind his or back to show other player in team what kind of strategy will be used to conquer the other team. Why the hand signals is not shown to the other team? This to make the other team have no clue what another team is going to do on the game. This will make the defeating strategy runs smoothly. Here are some hand signals you need to know more if you are new in this game.

Before discussing the hand signals, it is good if we also know the short history of beach volley ball. This sport was first played in Santa Monica in 1920s, California. Slowly, this branch of volley ball is developing in Europe. The development of beach volley ball began be seen in 1930s. So, it is a decade later after it was first played. As we can see, the development of this sport is so slow. Beach volley ball began to be popular around 1980. Brazil and United States are the countries that have been playing this game intensely and internationally. Lately, Australia also joins the championship along with the other countries in Europe. In Indonesia, though not yet too popular, this beach volley ball is played for fun.

Hands signals to beat the other team in beach volley ball

First hand signal you need to know is the “closed fist”. This hand signal uses fist. It means that blocking in the field side is not needed. “One finger” is used to show that you must do blocking on the other team spike. And then, bring the block under the line or to the spike of the other team. The next hand signal is “two fingers.” This is when the blocking must be done in the corner of the field of the other team. And this is usually done with crossing technique. “Open hand” signal is given when you need to do the same blocking as the other team does. Those are hand signals you can show to win the game. The other thing you need to know is the size of the ball. The size of the beach volley ball is different from the one used in common volley ball held in a room. The ball for beach volley is bigger and softer the internal pressure is lower as well. The color is brighter than the ball for common volley ball game. The ball’s weight is 260 to 280 grams. The ball pressure is around 171-221 mbar or around 0,175 to 0, 225 kg/cm2. Are you getting more interested? Don’t you think this a great sport to enjoy time with family and friends on the beach on weekends?

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