How to Be a Good Bowler in Cricket



          Are you a bowler in your cricket’s team? It is a high task to be handled for sure because the bowler is one of important position which is one of several factors to win the game. For this reason, you must improve your own skill by practicing and doing the best. Well, when you want to become a good bowler,  you may try to do these following sportsbook sites tips.

Improving strength and stamina

The first is improving the strength especially on your shoulders, arms and legs. For the shoulders, do bench press in order to broaden the shoulders and make muscles on it. Then for the arms, you may do dumbbells to build muscle and strengthen your arms. And the last do some leg exercises like a jumping or running to strengthen the legs. Improving those three parts of the body is important because it will support you to bowl the ball and influence the ball fast. Besides improving the strength, you must also keep your stamina in a good condition because the bowler will bowl the ball so many times in one game. Do some practice like running to maintain the stamina you needed on the game.

Be focus

The bowler has to have the good focus in order to bowl the ball accurately. So, practice the focus is important to do. When the bowler does the bowl, there are two focuses which is needed. Those are focus on line and focus on length. It is important to do the focuses in order to give a hard time to the batsman. Make sure to bowl the line on the middle and do not bowl down on the side of the leg. To make a good bowling, try to bowl the ball not too short and not too long.

Learning the technique

Well, improving the strength, stamina and be focus is not enough to be a good bowler. To be a good bowler you must learn the bowl technique. It will help you to bowl the line and increase your bowl skill. To improve your bowl technique and skill, always pay attention to the coach instruction. Besides that, always keep in mind what you’ve got from the practice and training and learn the match performance. Practice the technique you’ve got from training and combine it with the match performance experience to achieve a good result. There are so many techniques you can learn, try to learn it and improving the skill by yourself.

Enjoy the game and be motivated

Well, to be a bowler and make a good performance is quite pressure. But, you don’t have to feel so stress and just enjoy the game. At least it will make you calmer and do the best you can do. A bowler must be calm in order to make a good bowl. So enjoy the game, and enjoy how you bowl the line and out the batsman. But when you feel tired don’t give up and always consistent be yourself. Good luck.

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