How to Play Gold Miner Slots


Gold miner slots happen to be another type of reel online slot machine games. However, this game is different with common reel online slot games in existence which most likely come with fewer features. It offers a number of extras which aim for those who like five reel slots. This game seems to be adequately basic when you first open it even though it gets some improvements with extra features on both sides of reels. It contains three reels and one payline. It comes with several acquainted symbols including lemons, oranges, cherries and gold bars that help you to obtain the jackpot. Two types of game mode are presented and to continue the next level you have to collect bonus points which serve as credits in the game.

In the game you are required to collect bonus points as much as you can so that it will make your way to get into Super Game easier. There are two ways that you can do in order to obtain bonus points. The first one is through bonus coins. If you successfully accumulate one, two, or there coins on the payline, then it will be similar with 10 20, or bonus points. The second way to earn bonus points is through payline wins. After every win you make in the payline you will get chance to gamble the amount. If you can win the gamble, then you deserve double prize. Meanwhile, if you lose, you are still able to collect particular amount of bonus points. The total amount of bonus points you have earned can be discovered in top left corner. Whenever you want to enter the Super Game, all you have to do is pressing ‘Change Game’ which is located below the reels.

In order to begin playing gold miner slots, you have to choose the value of the coins and lines you prefer to bet on. Lines can be chosen especially by clicking on the numbered buttons conforming to every line beside the reels. To make a bet of one coin for every line, you should click on theBet 20button. You can make maximum bet by using 9 coins on every line and continued by clicking on BET MAX. If you have convinced enough with your choice, then you have to click on SPIN.

There are a number of tips that will beneficial for you to take into account if you want to win this game. There are features called Nudges and Holds. These features can be found in base game and given randomly. It will be better if you make Auto Nudge and Auto Hold since it is effective to nudge down symbols which are hidden and keep them for you. Another important that you need to keep in mind is that you should not be easily mesmerized to waste all the winning points to Super Game. You need to save some of them even though it is quite easy for you to collect them in base game at whenever you want.


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