Must-Have Tuning Tools for Compound Bow


When you get into archery, then knowing how to tune your bow is ultimately important. Bows that are finely tuned will have a better accuracy as well as overall better efficiency. However, in order to tune your archery equipment properly, you will need all the right bow-tuning equipment to do the job. You might need to venture in and out of many archery shops just to find the tools for the purpose. You might also need to learn some important knowledge about maintaining your bow in order to adjust it to its most optimum function. You will need to learn to tune your bow into precision, as well as making sure that all of its setup is just right. This article will explain several tools that you would be needing if you want to tune your compound bow. Follow this article further to find out!

Getting All the Necessary Tuning Tools

The bow press is one of the primary tuning tools which are important for archery bow maintenance. Even though some of its manufacturers have created the kind of bows that don’t need a bow press for tuning, this is still an important equipment to have when you’re taking care of your bows at home. Having this tool allows you to carry out any tuning tasks that you might need to do for your archery bows. By using this press, you could keep the bow in place when you’re working on tuning it out. It is also easily adjustable according to the most desired position, so you can be comfortable maintaining your bow even while sitting. There are also portable bow presses that you can bring along when you’re going out on a hunt. In which you can carry them along using your cars or trucks. Bow vise is also another necessary tuning tool to maintain your bow, but sadly, this tool is often overlooked by many archers. This particular tuning tool is helpful when you need to work on your archery tackles. You don’t need to hold it in one hand and work on another if you have bow vise. You might also want to invest on some Allen wrenches to tune your bow. The reason for this is because you need to work on screws too, since compound bows has bolts and screws for its structural integrity. Since these wrenches are relatively inexpensive, you can buy multiple of them since they are also common to be misplaced in the storage/garage.

Some More Tools to Tune Your Bows

You might also need some string serving equipment alongside d-loop knocking pliers. The pliers are helpful when it comes to replacing parts of the bows. While string-serving equipment helps if you ever need to replace the strings of your bow. As another one must-have essential, any archer should also have string care kit to take care of their bowstrings. You need to wax the cables and the strings every once in a while to ensure that they are properly lubricated. You might also be needing some paper tuners, arrow saw, grain scales, laser-alignment equipment and many more. Depending on your bows, some might need extra care after all.

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