NFL Matchups Week 15

The most attractive game this week is the NFL (National Football League). For those of you who live in America then you are not familiar with this sports game. The game has a different team for each week. This week has been entered for week 15. Here are the top matchups that are in week 15:

1. The match Kansas City chief vs. Baltimore Ravens is predicted to take place with very fierce. This is because the Kansas City Chief in the prediction will dominate this match. In the previous game, the Baltimore Ravens defense continued to do so the possibility of the performance of the Ravens will decline in this match. This game will be won in the prediction by the Kansas City Chief.

2. Furthermore, the Dallas Cowboys will face the New York Jets. This game is quite interesting to watch as both teams are equally strong. Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets are a team that has won a lot of games before. For this match, the New York Jets are expected to outperform the Dallas Cowboys. reliable sports betting sites New York Jets considered a strong team in week 15.

3. On the third day of week 15, you will be watching the game between the New England Patriots against the Tennessee Titans. New England Patriots is a very strong team and managed to surpass many teams in season this time. Even many NFL fans are predicting that the New England Patriots will be the winners in the NFL this season. But you also should not underestimate the Titans as in the previous game, the Titans showed outstanding performance. The match between the New England Patriots against the Tennessee Titans is a game that most waited in week 15.

4. The next game is the Cincinnati Bengals NFL against the San Francisco 49ers. This match is very difficult to predict because both teams could have won and lost depending on the strength of each team. If the Bengals team’s performance good in this game it is not impossible for the Bengals to win this game.

5. The match continued with the Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears. Vikings performance is predicted to decline in this game because in the previous game, Vikings had much to do defense, many players from the Vikings to be injured during a previous game. If a player from the Vikings to be back playing the Vikings possibility of winning can happen.

6. Philadelphia Eagles against the Arizona Cardinals is also not a game that can be underestimated. Eagles and Cardinals have a performance that is equally strong.

7. Lastly, week 15 is closed with a very interesting game between the Detroit Lions against the New Orleans Saints. You can make the game a spectacle for the weekend before switching to week 16. Both teams have very good performance so it is difficult to predict the victory of the team. You can choose a favorite team that you want to advance to the next round. The NFL will continue to present a match between a team that has a strong performance.

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