Slots: Golden Pharaoh


Few companies that provide slot machine games have the same reputation in United States. They also share the market as Bally Technologies. The cutting the edge technology is always incorporated consistently by the developer to create special products. It makes the players giving positive comments about their experience playing with the games. The Slots Golden Pharaoh by Bally Technologies has the most recent automation in their video slot mechanics and programming.

The title of this game is perfectly given since the special theme in the game is around the Egyptian culture in the ancient time. It also belongs to the slots like the Cleopatra slots. The game is completed by the typical Egyptian symbols like pharaoh, Sphinx, etc. This slot game has a feature of the advanced U-Spin Technology that can be enjoyed as long as the bonus game. If in the first, third or fifth reels of the game the players can land three symbols of U-Spin, the players will have the chance to physically spin the wheel. Upon the wheel spinning, the players will have the opportunity to win free spins, credits, or the progressive jackpot.

The Options of Betting

The Slots Golden Pharaoh slot machine game has five reels and also 40 paylines. In every single spin, the players are only allowed to place $2 for the maximum betting; the bet will give the player 200 credits to play. Meanwhile, the minimum bet should be one cent. By playing this slot game well, every player has the opportunity to win up to 5000 credits in maximum, yet the prize isn’t including the progressive jackpot. The players are potential to win massive prizes if they play well with great strategies and also luck.

The Special Features that can be Gotten in Slots Golden Pharaoh

The Slots Golden Pharaoh provides an interesting feature that is combined with the wild symbols. There are special wild symbols in the game that are called as Directional wilds; the symbols are only available in the third reel of the slot machine. The directional wild symbol appears in the arrow symbol on the reels. This symbol points to one special direction, thus changing all of the symbols in the special direction into the wilds. The directional wild symbols will not only bring you to the fantastic gameplay, but it will also improves the opportunity of the players to hit the winning combinations.

However, the directional wilds are able to change the other symbols into the wilds if the symbols come in the horizontal places side to side, it may not be vertically. The players will not win the slot game playing if the symbol of the directional wild seems to be in the most bottom place or over the most top place on the screen, and the direction is coming up or down.

By knowing the features and how you should play the game, you certainly will play the game much better. Understand the game well especially about the tricks of how you can play better on the slot machines. Therefore, try the Slots Golden Pharaoh and have fun with the gameplay as well as the great prizes.

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