The Polish Top Scorer, Robert Lewandowski


Poland might be an underdog in Euro 2016, but their team captain, Robert Lewandowski is definitely not. In spite of the huge struggles against Germany, Scotland and Republic of Ireland in the qualification rounds, Lewandowski brought his country to the second place of Group D and advanced to tournament round in summer 2016. He is the top scorer of Euro 2016’s qualification rounds with a total of 13 goals in only 6 matches. Those reasons are enough to bring Lewandowski back to Poland’s national squad for Euro 2016 tournament round.

Lewandowski’s Performance in Euro 2016 Qualification Rounds

Since he netted 4 out of 7 Poland’s goal in Gibraltar goal post in September 2014, we have known that Lewandowski is a force to be reckoned with in this Euro qualifications. This 27 years old Bayern Munich’s striker also played important role in Poland’s surprising victory against the Germany. sport betting sites Although he didn’t score on that match, he did assist one goal that was made by Sebastian Mila. Unfortunately, in the next match between Germany and Poland, Germany got back on their feet and beat Poland with 3-1 score. But that one score that saved Poland’s face was made by the one and only Lewandowski.

Poland always went neck and neck with Scotland in the qualifying rounds. In their first meeting, Lewandowski didn’t do much for his team and ended up with a tie with Scotland. Their second match also didn’t bring Victory for Poland. Again, the match finished with 2-2 score with the two goals came from Lewandowski. If it was not for Lewandowski, it will be Scotland who went to the tournament rounds instead of Poland.

And finally in the last match of group D against Ireland. It was a high stake game since the winner could book tickets immediately to France, while the loser must play again in dreaded play-off rounds. Thanks to one goal from Lewandowski and another one from his teammate, Poland advanced to the next round.

Of course those victories were results of team works. But statistics couldn’t lie. With 13 out of 33 goals Lewandowski scored for Poland during the qualifications, he really deserves a title of Poland’s football star of the year. He is also one of Bayern Munich top scorer which scored the legendary five goals in nine minutes in a match against Wolfsburg.

We can see him again in the tournament round this summer playing for his country’s pride. He is a skillful striker, and although Poland is not a strong contender for winning the title, Lewandowski still plays at the top of the class.

Lewandowski’s fans must be eager to watch his performance this summer since Poland will once again be in the same group with Germany, the Group C. Germany is a tough opponent and it will be a hard battle for Poland. But no one knows what the future will bring. Poland surprisingly overpowered Germany once in the qualifications round and maybe they can do it again in the next match. Moreover, he has been playing for Bayern Munich for years. He knows how the Germans play. Let’s wait for surprises Lewandowski will bring us in the future.

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