The Rules in Loco Slots


Loco Slots game is a slot machine game where the players can play and win the game in different rooms. In this games, players can invite their friends, challenge them to play the slot game tournaments and then win coins as the prizes for top three players. Many coins are ready to win every day, with bonus to win in the gameplay time, and also spin by choosing the lines number and bet. To improve the level, the players should save their experience of winning points and then unlock the new rooms with more amazing game experiences.

Start Playing the Game

Loco Slots is a slots machine game that can be accessed through Facebook or other social media and kinds of gaming websites. To start playing the game, you should make an account or just directly access the game by using your Facebook account. Before accessing the game, Facebook will show a window that asks your permission and then you can start playing the game soon after you accept it.

Improve the Levels and Unlock New Gaming Rooms

Diamonds pressing spin in each room is the key to increase the level of gaming in the slots game. As higher the lines chosen to bet, you will earn more diamonds and reach the higher level faster. You will get special prizes in every new level and it will also be the key to unlock the new rooms. The higher level will also improve the game store. So if you increase the game level, you will get special offers from the store.

The Work of the Bets

There are two variables in the bets, they are lines and bet. You should choose the lines number before playing. You will have more chances to win as you choose more lines. Improve the diamonds points so you can get the higher level faster. Meanwhile, in the bet; you should choose the amounts of coins to bet in every line. More coins will increase the total bet as well as the chance to win and the improvement of diamond points too.

The Work of Bonus

There are two types of bonus in Loco Slots, they are Daily Bonus and Special Bonus. The daily bonus can be received in every 24 hours. You can get the prize every day as you spin the wheel. It is a cylic bonus that can be taken into your account. It means when you access the game in more days, you might get more prizes until the cycle is complete and you can start again. You will get 1 bonus in the first day and 5 bonuses in the fifth day. You should come back to get the daily bonus. Meanwhile, the special bonus is given in every 2 hours. The bonus will be higher as the level up of your game. So collect your gifts as you spin to get the higher level.

This Loco Slots must be very interesting and fun since you can get more bonuses and gifts every day. So make sure that you reach the higher levels to earn the prizes.

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