Thomas Müller, Germany’s best player in Euro 2016


Thomas Müller, Germany’s best player in Euro 2016

There are many reasons why many people are betting for Germany to win Euro 2016, and Thomas Müller is one of them. Germany has many powerful and amazing players, but Thomas Müller stands out the most. He has a good career and statistics during his seven years career in Bayer Munich, but he shone the brightest during the qualifications round of Euro 2016. He currently sits at the third position of Euro 2016 qualification rounds top scorer. With full 9 points, he is 4 points behind the Poland’s hero Lewandowski and only 2 points behind the second place Swedish football star, Ibrahimovic. That is a good statistic for a 25 years old.

Müller’s Performance in Euro 2016 Qualifications Round

If we want to know who brought German as the group winner in the qualification rounds, the answer will go straight to Müller. This is why we are going to see him again playing for Germany in upcoming summer. He managed to score 9 goals in 9 performances. With Poland trailing behind with only one point difference in group D, his goals really saved Germany’s reputation.

On the first qualifying match, Müller marked Germany’s first win by scoring all two goals against Scotland. betting online sports He beat Scotland in an away match a year later by netting fantastic two goals which unfortunately had to vanished Scotland’s hope to fly to French this summer.

But things were not always so good for Germany when Poland beat them by two goals and Ireland by one goal. Even though he didn’t score for Germany at those matches, but he did make 4 attempts to Poland’s goal post and later, 2 to Republic of Ireland’s. When Germany won, Müller always contributed at least with one goal. It shows how precious his presence is for the Germany national team. Germany didn’t win easy in the last qualification rounds although none of their opponents are real match for their skill. But thanks to Müller’s 9 goals, Germany managed to secure the first place in their group.

His statistic outside Euro is remarkable as well. He has scored 10 goals for Germany in World Cup. That is a better number compared to Ronaldo’s or even Messi’s World Cup goals. For Bundesliga matches, he has scored over 70 goals and just as many assists. He clearly is a jewel for Germany’s national team, as well as his team, Bayern Munchen.

Germany is not the only one eyeing his skill. It has been confirmed that Müller was offered high amount of money by English club Manchester United to join the team, but he refused. He said in an interview that he wanted to stay with Bayern Munich as he signed a contract extension with his old club for another 5 years. Such a loyal player.

Müller is not as popular as his teammates or other football players with similar skills, but he is definitely very intriguing. During his 7 years with Bayer Munich, Müller keeps moving from one position to another. He’s excellent in forward position, he’s good as a winger, and he’s absolutely a tremendous midfielder. It shows how versatile and adaptable he is. Germany is lucky to have him. And if he keeps playing this great, in no time, Thomas Müller will be an unforgettable name in the world of soccer.

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