Top 3 Games on Facebook


Top games on facebook can be the best choices for you. As we know this social media provides you some unique games to be played. Those games can be played from your facebook account. You can play them freely.

So, what are some top games you can find on facebook? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading here. This article is going to discuss about them below. Let’s find out your best reference here only!

School of Dragons

First of all, let’s talk about School of Dragons. For your information, this game is adopted from the popular animation movie of Dreamworks titled How to Train Your Dragon. Well, so how is the game play of it?

On this game, you will be a dragon trainer. You will train some dragons who want to enter the school. Besides that, you will care them as well and give them some techniques and studies related to its school subjects.

You also have to know that this game is completed by unique game play. You will not be required to kill a lot of monsters on this game to reach higher level. You are also not required to be the best one on its game. You can play this game on 2 hours only in a day. There will be satisfied results you get.

Then, this game is also deserved for kids. There will be no scary battle between your dragons and monsters. On this game, you can also enjoy dragon races competition. So, you can try this game with your sons at home, right?

Coaster Ville

The second game you can enjoy on facebook is Coaster Ville. It is type of building game with roller coaster tycoon and kid’s park concept. This game really has simple game play. Besides that, there are also various systems you can find there. In other hand, this game is really suitable for kids.

Well, on this game, you can also change your roller coaster shape and design. For example, you can make it spiral. You are also allowed to change the park theme. You can create it to be more amazing park.

Candy Crush Saga

This is the third game that can be played to spend your free time. It is type of logical and strategical that will take some time to think what move you should use, like chess every move have consequences or for good. This game you will surely enjoy when you have free time to play this game.

For deeper information, the Candy Crush Saga game is a game that you will make a combination of candy that you will aligned either horizontal or vertical then the candy will pop and explode. Some people use Combo so when you move one candy with right combination it will explode continuously. Candy Crush Saga have Quest that you need to finish to pass the level.

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