Training Tips to Make Better Defense in Boxing

Training Tips to Make Better Defense in Boxing

The best defense is a good offense. In some cases in boxing, that proverb is completely true. A good boxing technique is not only about attacking, but also about protecting yourself from your opponent. To make sure you can defend yourself very well in a match, remember to practice these following tips.

Practice Footwork

Footwork can work as the best defense. When you are under attack, try to move backwards and occasionally move forward to open an attack spot for you. You can also try pivoting to find a good angle to attack your opponent. But footwork requires high energy and also agility.

This is why you also have to work on your speed and stamina. Do some running and rope skipping to make you more agile. The faster your feet movements are, the better your chances to get away from an attack.

Practice Slipping

Slipping is the hardest boxing defense technique. However, it is also the most effective against all kind of attack. It is not only good to protect your head from a blow, but also can prepare you to fight back. If you are trapped, this technique can also set you free. To slip, you need to slide your head and body evading from the attack. Bend your body backwards, and prepare your hand to counter the attack.

This technique is a good way to protect your head from a hit and give you a chance to blow an attack to your opponent. This can be very dangerous since you have to be really fast, and you will also be in a very vulnerable position. But if you practice it really hard, slipping can free you from many kind of danger.

Increase Your Physical Powers

Being fit and strong will be very beneficial to support one type of defense. Blocking. Blocking is a sure fire way to defend yourself from a punch. It is also one of the easiest defense technique from the deadly upper cut attack. But unfortunately, you will still be hurt by using this type of defense if you don’t have a good physical strength. If your opponent is very strong, you won’t have a way out from the attack. So, make sure you are not only training the boxing technique, but also increase your physical capabilities. Do some weight lifting or cardio exercise to maximize your strength.

Spar Often

A good way to defend yourself is by reading your opponent movement. The only thing you can get this ability from is from sparring. Sparring will help training your agility and also to test which type of defense will be effective to counter which kind of attack. Spar often with many boxers so that you can test a lot of techniques.

After you defend yourself, make sure you find a way to attack your opponent back. That’s why when you defend yourself, you have to consider your opponent strength and also the attack type. If you keep practicing, slowly but sure, you definitely can learn to read your opponent’s movement so you can defend yourself better.

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